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Unicreamer Mix Packs Unicreamer Mix Packs Unicreamer Mix Packs Unicreamer Mix Packs
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Unicreamer Mix Packs

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Our Mixed Pack of Unicreamer is infused with pea protein and MCT oil. Our mocha and hazelnut flavors are designed to taste like a desert drink but optimize your daily routine by providing macronutrients and healthy fats.  Our original flavor tastes like a drop of almond milk for those who like little to no taste. Each packet contains 7.75g of powdered coffee creamer which makes it OK to store for up to two years (in accordance to the expiration date). 

Non GMO Ingredients, Sugar Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free  

Keto Friendly and Vegan

How do I use Unicreamer?

Pour one packet daily into an 8oz or larger cup of tea or coffee. For lifestyle use, we recommend using at least 3 servings a day in your favorite hot beverages. You can also pour Unicreamer over oats, yogurt, or anything to add delicious, healthy natural flavoring.

Nutritional Facts + Ingredients

What are the benefits of using Unicreamer?

Pea Protein: We chose pea protein to add into our creamer as it is the most hypoallergenic of all the protein powders and is also cruelty free.

Fortified pea protein has all the amino acids animal protein has without harming animals or the environment.

Pea protein is super satiating and helps boost your metabolism.

MCT Oil: Medium chain triglycerides are a form of fatty acids, more readily used for energy than its longer chain counterparts. It allows for a greater source of energy for brain cells.

Unicreamer MCT oil is extracted from coconut oil. Some benefits include aiding in weight-loss, boosting brain health, boosting endurance and energy, killing bacteria and viruses, improving heart health, improving gut health, improving diabetes risk factors, and helping to reach ketosis faster.

Sunflower Lecithin: Sunflower lecithin is a natural emulsifier that helps keep Unicreamer creamy and uniform when mixed into liquids like coffee and tea. Our sunflower lecithin is derived from non-genetically-modified sunflowers, so you know you're getting the best of what nature intended.

Some benefits include boosting heart health, protecting the brain by speeding up the neural regeneration, providing important anti-oxidants for your immune system, and helping people tolerate fat by reducing hepatic lipids.

What does Unicreamer taste like?

When stirred into coffee properly, the mocha and hazelnut are designed to taste exactly how they sound with a smooth/subtle taste.

Our original flavor is unsweetened and gives your coffee a creamy like consistency due to the MCT oil.

Return Policy

If for some reason you didn't enjoy your experience, we will refund you 100%. Please email info@unicreamer.com to request a refund.

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