Unicreamer Starter Bundle (50% OFF PRE-SALE)!




This bundle contains 18 servings. 

UNICREAMER is the first portable coffee creamer to contain a completely CLEAN label. NO additives, don't settle for anything less than what your body deserves.  TExpected Delivery: end of October. 


300x more protein than almond milk! 

Dairy Free, Non GMO ingredients, Cholesterol Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free

For What Lifestyles? Keto -- Vegan -- Whole30 -- Vegan

*UNI'S PEA PROTEIN: is of the highest quality and sourced from plants, pea protein has a wonderful amino acid profile, particularly good for breaking down muscle post workout while increasing muscle density (think, more toned)! There are also several other benefits including aiding in heart & kidney health and lowering blood pressure.

*MCT OIL: MCT extracted from coconut oil aids in weight-loss due to the release of peptide YY and leptin which keeps people fuller and can help you burn fat for longer in the state of ketosis. MCT oil has also been popular for improving your gut. MCT oil also equals brain power! Since it's absorbed faster than other oils, it can be used as an immediate source of energy.  For those on a Keto diet, MCT can pass through your blood-brain barrier to create a great source of energy for brain cells. 

*SUNFLOWER LECITHIN:  Sunflower Lecithin is a natural and non gmo emulsifier and a collection of different phospholipids (fats that are important to your health). The benefits include: boosting hearth health by balancing fat levels and lowering blood pressure, protecting the brain by speeding up the neural regeneration, reducing liver related diseases, boosting the immune system due to its antioxidant effect, and hormonal balance. 

*info from healthline.com and organicfacts.net*

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