About Us

The story behind Unicreamer began several years ago, when sister's Lori and Elise were both living busy lives and traveling a lot for work. For Lori, It became difficult to eat healthy when she was always on the go, so she started looking into protein supplements that she could have in the morning to curb food cravings and give her more energy throughout the day. 

Both Lori and Elise are passionate animal rights activists, so Lori didn't want to consume animal-based protein supplements, and most of the protein bars and shakes we found contained too much sugar and were too heavy to consume between meals. Her solution was to start adding a tablespoon of pea protein to her coffee every morning as a substitution for coffee creamer.

 It was super chunky and messy, but it helped to reduce her food cravings and increased her energy throughout the day. Soon, Elise got on board, and they started to discuss how a protein-based, vegan coffee creamer should be a THING. 

That’s how Unicreamer was born! 

 Now that they’ve created Unicreamer, protein-based, vegan coffee creamer is a thing! Going forward, their main source of inspiration is their company’s commitment to making a positive impact on animal welfare and the environment.

Giving Back

We're dedicated in our mission to create change in the way humans treat animals on a global scale.  We will do this through sponsorships, education, events, and social awareness.  Please reach out for sponsorship opportunities.