The Compassion Pyramid

See, we believe compassion starts at the bottom. By using plant protein and not animal protein in our creamer (i.e. whey and collegen), we are contributing to a growing number of companies conserving the environment and saving our animals.   

We built a compassion pyramid to show where our core values lie.

 At the bottom you have the earth, our home, that holds us all in place. And everything that comes with it: plants, water, trees. This is where we source our creamer.

 In the middle you have the animals -- a beautiful collage of life that is slowly being stripped away by human greed and consumption.

 At the top you have us (humans of course). We have come so far with technology advances and yet, as a society, we lack a bit of compassion and appreciation for the simple things — like nature and all of its beauty.

 Unicreamer plans to give to the first two parts of the pyramid so we can all be a part of helping our earth again. We plan to give back to animal charities and environmental charities in countries that lack basic earthly needs, like water and food sources.  

The Lefcourt Sisters
Founders of UniCreamer