Make The Switch:
5 Healthy And Energizing Tips To Replace Traditional Coffee Creamer

The Healthy And Energizing Alternatives To Using Traditional Creamer

Waking up to a fresh pot of coffee is the one morning experience we all look forward to, and while coffee is proven to be the best source of antioxidants, we have been diluting it with sugar and GMO filled junk.

That’s why we put together our 5 tips for healthier alternatives to standard creamer. Check it out!

1. Protein in your coffee for satiation:

Coffee is a bitter compound that releases a peptide called “GLP1” which shuts down hunger. When you add protein to a bitter compound (like coffee) — you can amplify the hunger suppressing effect even more!

2. Healthy fats in your coffee for energy:

Not only do healthy fats like Coconut Oil, MCT Oil, and grass fed butter mix wonderfully into coffee but they add natural energy. MCT oil in particular converts into energy faster than other fats, so it amplifies the energy boost you get from just coffee.

3. Find a Dairy Free Alternative:

Dairy products are notorious for their saturated fats and with over half the population becoming lactose intolerant, sticking with a dairy free alternative for your coffee may be the best bet! You can find these in the health aisle of your local grocery store.

4. Ditch The Sugar:

One tbsp of traditional creamer contains 1/5 of your daily sugar intake. YIKES. With so many delicious alternatives containing natural flavoring and sweetening (like stevia and monkfruit), there is no reason to settle for a sugar crash.

5. Make Your Coffee Work For You:

If you're the average coffee drinker, drinking 3 cups of coffee a day -- try to stick to a product that will enhance your daily energy. When reading the label for your creamer alternative, we recommend making sure there are less than 5 ingredients and that it will contain at least 1 macronutrient (protein, fat, etc).

Is there a person who isn’t guilty of turning their coffee into a sugary mess?

“The whole idea of a healthy coffee creamer is that we should be amplifying the energetic effects of coffee, not diluting it.” said Lori Lefcourt, an ex Wall Street employee and health advocate who started using protein and healthy fats in her coffee to curb cravings and take back control of her weight and energy. That’s why she created Unicreamer, a new line of delicious dairy free and sugar free creamer with zero additives.

Unicreamer is a plant based and dairy free coffee creamer infused with plant protein and MCT oil. It comes in 6, 12, and monthly packs and are sold on their website nationally and local grocery stores in the Chicago area.

Unicreamer comes in small portable packets you can bring with you throughout your day. Unicreamer comes in three natural, creamy flavors: hazelnut, mocha, and original (non flavored); and contains five ingredients or less; with absolutely zero additives.  We are proud to have the cleanest label on the market when it comes to dairy free coffee creamers.

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Annette Walsh

"When my doctor told me I had to cut out some of my favorite products, I was shocked to find that every ingredient in my coffee creamer was synthetic.

I always strive to live a healthy lifestyle but I felt like every product I put in my coffee was negating my health.

I'm glad I finally found a solution with Unicreamer to make my coffee healthier and taste delicious."

All Unicreamer Products are crafted with compassion.

Unicreamer focuses on being a mission driven company and partnering up with programs that strengthen the healing bond between animals and humans. That's why we promise to never use any animal products or ingredients in our creamer.


"I have Type 2 diabetes under pretty good control. Each morning I have breakfast than my coffee with Unicreamer. My blood sugar after that hovers around 140 which is within goal. Yesterday, I worked a community carnival and had to stop at a gas station and use regular creamer. My blood sugar went up to 175. I was like, what the heck! I had the same breakfast, the only thing I did different was my creamer. There are so many benefits to using Unicreamer in your coffee!"

Jody P.


"I was highly skeptical of using a product that would replace my beloved creamer but one of my resolutions was to cut out dairy and gluten. I found Unicreamer from a friend and I can't believe how amazing it tastes. My only complaint is that I now drink coffee WAY to fast.

Darlene T.


"I finally feel like I have control of my sugar cravings throughout the day. I've replaced a few unhealthy snacks with a cup of Unicreamer in my tea or decaf coffee and I feel so much better. Thank you for creating this wonderful product.

Nancy T.

15 SEP 2017, 14:42

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Dairy Free. Gluten Free. Non GMO. Soy Free. Lactose Free. Vegan

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