Our mission is to support your mission. Unicreamer is the go to plant based coffee creamer dedicated to people who wish to improve their mind and body by incorporating more plant based foods into their every day lives; which in turn helps them focus on what’s most important to them. 

We take the thinking out of being healthy when it comes to your daily pick me up. 

 Unicreamer is crafted with compassion  by focusing on being vegan and exposing the harsh reality of factory farming to protect earth's creatures. We aim to create programs that touch the lives of people wanting to free animals from inhumane situations.

Partnerships + Giving Back

  • Generous Coffee: Unicreamer donated a portion of proceeds to helping Women in Honduras find jobs through Generous Coffee. https://generousmovement.com/

  • We've donated to Anti-Cruelty Society and participated in their "Bark in the Park" event.  More info here: https://anticruelty.org/