Why Protein + Coffee

Why Coffee + Protein?

In a nutshell, protein happens to be the most satiating macronutrient and when you add it to a bitter compound like coffee, you can amplify the hunger suppressing effect! Think less snacking & more focusing on the task at hand! 

 Use to Suppress Hunger

Those in between meal hours (10am-3pm) can be grueling! We suggest using 1 whole packet of Unicreamer during these times to avoid reaching for high calorie bars or snacks that are high in fat or carbs. 

Replace 150+ calorie protein bars, shakes, and snacks with a Uni Latte. We designed Unicreamer to taste like a delicious hazelnut and mocha latte without the calories or fat.

Use as Part of Your Morning Routine

When taken first thing in the morning, protein balances out blood sugar so you stay alert and awake and avoid that morning brain fog.  Protein is also the most thermogenic of all the macros. What does this mean? Well, compared to carbohydrates and fat, less of the calories you consume as protein are stored in your body!Increased studies show that consuming protein in the morning will ultimately keep you fuller for longer. 

We recommend using one full packet in 8 oz or larger cup of coffee, as an oatmeal or yogurt topper, or using our mocha flavor in black tea. 

Click here for our “Proatmeal” recipe + more.  

 Use as Part of Your Busy Lifestyle

We suggest throwing a few packets of Unicreamer in your purse, gym bag, or suitcase so you can enjoy the benefits of Unicreamer no matter where the day takes you.  

//Post workout coffee instead of filling shakes 

//Planes or Long Road Trips as an alternative to Coffee Mate 

//At the office as an alternative to sugar packets & unhealthy creamers

//Perfect for Nomad lifestyles