The Uni Bundle
The Uni Bundle The Uni Bundle The Uni Bundle The Uni Bundle The Uni Bundle
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The Uni Bundle

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Our signature holiday bundle is the perfect gift for anyone who loves coffee, tea, lattes, or is looking for easy ways to improve their health!


1. Soft Unicreamer tee in grey.  And when we say soft, we mean no t-shirt will feel the same ever again. 

2. 16 oz. Unicreamer insulated travel mug in black.  A travel mug for your favorite travel creamer. 

3. Mixed 12 pack of Unicreamer.  All the flavors so you can spread the love this holiday season!

About the Mixed Pack: each packet is infused with pea protein and MCT oil to help you stay fuller and more focused. Our mocha and hazelnut flavors are designed to taste like a latte but optimize your daily routine by providing macronutrients and healthy fats.  Our original flavor tastes like a drop of almond milk for those who like little to no taste. Each packet contains 7.75g of powdered coffee creamer which makes it OK to store for up to two years (in accordance to the expiration date).